"We are not posy people at all and didn't need to be, we were made to feel at ease and it felt like a friend was there with us."


York Wedding Photographer

(available throughout Northern England - Lincoln, Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester, Carlisle, Newcastle... and anywhere in between!)

Introvert friendly, fun and relaxed Yorkshire wedding photography for down to earth couples.

I'm Emma - a photographer and people watcher.

Always watching and listening, I spot little moments and capture them forever

I focus on photography that is all about real smiles and genuine moments between you and your loved ones.


I create photos that will still be cherished in 50 years time.

I live in a village called Tockwith just outside York and work throughout Northern England.


It stems from my zoological background combined with a love for people who aren't posers.

I got my first camera to photograph otters behaving naturally on the banks of the river Ouse near York, and now I photograph weddings for clients who don't like too much posing, and prefer real and relaxed photos.

Otters are shy and elusive, naturally playful creatures - but even otters can have beautiful wedding photos.

What type of people become happy otters?

Generally my clients are thinkers, often introverts, (not necessarily shy), quite laid back people who are planning a wedding day which doesn't necessarily follow tradition - something that they will enjoy, and that describes them as a couple.

They often say, "We just want someone to capture the moments", or "We really don't like having our photos taken".

In my portfolio you might see some seemingly posed shots - often these moments arise naturally, and I'm there to capture them. I never force people to pose, and I always make sure I get to know what you feel comfortable with before the day of the wedding.

Some recent Happy Otter wedding photos


You'll never capture the true fun-loving nature of an otter by putting them in the spotlight and asking them to pose.

An otter ain't a dog.

A dog will spin and pose for anyone with a biscuit - that's just not an otter's style.

I know otters - I am one... that's why I made a career out of hiding behind my camera!

Wedding Planning advice and inspiration

Are you looking for some wedding planning advice and inspiration?

I have 10 years of experience attending weddings for a living, so I have put together some (hopefully) useful advice for couples planning a wedding.

I also have plenty of real wedding examples to give you some inspiration and allow you to see some of the finest venues Yorkshire and the North East has to offer!

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